Kathie Stewart

Baroque Flute


" The most velvety of flute tones, mellow and comforting" - ClassicalSource

"Stewart was center stage with her dove-voiced wooden traverse flute, which she played with verve and expressivity" - Cleveland.com

"Her grounded and unflappable presence in the midst of Bach's finger and tongue daunting passagework was the core of this stunning performance " - Cleveland Classical

“Proving herself to be a virtuoso” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Kathie Stewart shows us the Baroque at its best--lively and engaging, yet intimate.” – Dan Vedda, Music & Sound Retailer

"[Kathie Stewart] added yet another timbre and some lovely baroque filigree in the Minuets and the Gigue..." (in the Cleveland Orchestra's performance of the Handel G Major Suite) – Cleveland Classical

"Stellar" – Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Fluent and expressive” – ClevelandClassical.com 

“[Matthias] Maute shared the stage with traverso player Kathie Stewart ... it received a performance of wide dynamic swings, stately phrasing and no-hold-barred gusto.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer 

“[T]he music sprang to life from the first notes with the kind of carefree joy that comes to audiences only from the previous hard work of performers.” – Andrew Lindemann Malone (DMV Classical) 

“Stewart not only wrote the program notes (which were engaging and lucid – professional program note writers should take heed) but also provided some intro remarks before most of the pieces...” – Andrew Lindemann Malone (DMV Classical) 

“Kathie Stewart brought her lovely dark tone on the flauto traverso and her superb sense of ensemble playing” – Cleveland Classical 

“The ever-refined Kathie Stewart” – Cleveland Plain Dealer